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An independent Escort Who Works In Birmingham



Who Am I?


I am an escort who is sovereign and offers an independent escort service in Birmingham. I am a very attractive looking woman who can give you the satisfaction you are looking for. I am the best escort in Birmingham and I can offer you the best escort service that is available. All you need to remember is that I will offer you the best service around and the time that you spend with me will be the best time you will have ever spent with an escort and I will guarantee you this.



With Guernsey being such a beautiful place you can clearly see why it is that so many people want to live there. The quality of life is very relaxed but any facilities that you can think of are available so you will never feel like you are missing anything. With taxable income at a low rate and public facilities that are state of the art you can clearly see why it is that Guernsey is the place to live.




Jersey is another place which is in the British Isles and the summer months are when it is at its hottest, because Jersey is not part of the EU or even the UK you will not be charged VAT. Something else that Jersey is exempt from is UK taxation, so with advantages such as these it is clear to see why it is such a popular destination.




I offer my services to people who are respectable and will not frequent places that I would consider a dive or a dump. I am very happy to meet you as long as you are in a 4 of 5 star hotel, or if you would prefer it you can meet me at my place of residence. There are many things that I will do and the services I offer may include some things that other escorts will not offer. But if you have a specific request then please do not hesitate to contact me. So now you have found out a little bit more about me, next time you decide to use the services of an escort make me your first call and I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed.  



After 4am £15.00 GBP At the door at 4am £10.00 GBP